Duplication with or without offset

I don’t know what key I hit by mistake, but suddenly all copies take place “on the spot”, without the usual 45° shift of the duplicated image. How can I get this shift back? You have to enable the duplication with offset. Choose Process Offset from the Edit menu or press the F key. The F…


How to control automatic backup

I don’t understand how the memory fills up so fast. I searched all over for a virus, without success. But I did find that Domus has a file called Back Up, which I emptied, immediately gaining 2 GB! I thought that, like Word or Excel, it was the actual document you were working on that got…


Does DomusCAD have an SDK ?

We are working on graphical programming where special graphic elements influence the way the program works, like the very useful Apply Object and the ##APP elements.

Domus.Cad has a c++ developer API that allows you to develop plug-ins. Any plug-in in the Modules folder is automatically recognized by the program.

Does Domus.Cad have a command line interface ?

Does Domus.Cad have a command line interface ? Domus.Cad doesn’t have a command line interface. Usually CADs with a command line user interface derive from old versions or have a compatible Autocad user Interface. In this case the commands follow the form: verb and object : Example: To change color set the current color and then…

Domus.cad differences with Autocad

We have been using AutoCad for 2D and Arcon for 3D, but it would obviously be preferable to have only one program. How does DomusCad differ from other programs, say, Archicad or ArchiDesktop? DomusCad is based on totally different concepts from Architectural Desktop. A DomusCad user tends to think in terms of his ‘project’, because…

Windows-Mac Os compatibility

Is Domus.Cad cross-compatible between Windows and Mac? That is, can I save a file on my Windows laptop and then open that same file on my Mac?

Yes, with File -> Export -> Drawing in Macintosh format command.

Blank screen

Why do I see a blank screen instead of my drawing?! Below are some normal situations where you can see a blank page instead of your drawing: – The layers are disabled in the Layers dialog box – The screen scale is very large (look at the scale in the Window title) – The drawing is…

Green reference cross in paging

When paging, the green reference cross shows, will that be printed – and if so how can I prevent it being printed?

The green reference cross isn’t printed. It’s useful to show the position corresponding to the coordinates on the top of the windows and to easier align different layers.