Interstudio is an established Italian Windows, Mac Os, App and WEB developer focusing on architectural and engineering software. Our group of programs is designed to offer the most progressive software available for the topographical, engineering, and architectural fields and we are responsible for advanced and significant programs in this sector.

Continued success in the development of software technology and a healthy sales profit in Italy has led to international expansion.

Our programs are adaptable to a vast market. Our customers range from inexperienced to advanced users. Our programs are powerful design tools because they can be used autonomously or integrated directly with each other, as well as with other applications. Our geotechnical programs have been particularly well received because they respond to a strong need for programs in that sector. A profile of our main market areas includes large companies, small businesses, architectural and engineering professionals, state organizations, schools, and universities.

We can ensure that our products have cross-border appeal and fit perfectly into the current software market’s standards and requirements.


Some collaborations for web projects:

  • Economy department of Florence University
  • LUISS – University
  • Parthenope University, Neaples
  • La Sapienza University, Rome
  • Lionard s.r.l. (leader in the luxury real estate market)
  • Selex ES, Finmeccanica (WiLife project, bando R&S 2012)
  • Franco Angeli, Financial Reporting
  • CNR, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Altalex (editoria e formazione in ambito legale)
  • Reply (system integration e digital services)
  • XTEL (soluzioni per l’automazione di processi commerciali)


Some used technologies


HTML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery

Server side

Java EE, Java Persistence API, Java Message Service, EJB, CDI PHP, Zend Framework, Symphony


MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL

Application Server

Glassfish 3.x, JBOSS, Apache Tomcat


AWS Amazon Web Services, Server dedicati Linux CentOS/RHEL


Android, iOS, J2ME/Symbian


Windows, Mac Os, Linux

Languages and development enviroments

C++, Objective C, Java, Swift, Xcode, QT, wxWidgets