A revolutionary way to buy your software


Interstudio’s Rent-to-Own formula combines the best features of rental and purchase, enabling you to buy your software in instalments, while taking advantage of our full technical assistance and support, plus our free updates.

Simply pay your annual rental fee and, at the end of each year, decide whether to :

  • Carry on renting
  • End the rental
  • Purchase

If you opt to buy, 50% of total rent paid is discounted from the purchase price.

Here are the main advantages of the Rent-to-Own formula :

  • It’s for professionals. It’s all-inclusive of technical support and updates, no hidden extras
  • Allows you to divide the cost over several years
  • Allows you to start right away, with the complete program, while maximizing your budget allowance
  • Permits you to evaluate the program over time, before deciding to purchase
  • Keeps us on our toes! If we don’t constantly improve our programs in accordance with customer requirements, no one will buy!


I write this article seated on a chair which was made some forty years ago.  The chair is still perfectly functional and I have had no reason to change it.

The same goes for my desk – and for many other items in this room…

The same is NOT true for my computer – a Macintosh PowerBook just three months old.  The first-ever computer I owned has been on a shelf in the cellar for a long time.  Since it, I’ve had a new computer at least every two years.

Not to mention the software! In the beginning there was Word Star and Apple Writer.  A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then!  With the advent of Macintosh, came Mac Write.  Then along came Microsoft Word 1.0, then 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and so on,up to the current version of Microsoft Office.

How much have I spent over the years on software?  Much, much more than the cost of the latest version!  Think of the vast amounts spent, for example, by someone who purchased AutoCAD 1.0 and has since updated it constantly over the years.

It all goes to show that it’s a big mistake to count the purchase price only of your software, when it’s the updates that really cost money.  Any company or professional studio will tell you that nowadays the annual amount spent on program updates far exceeds expenditure on software.

Which brings me to my point. Why buy software when you have to spend large sums on updating it?  Why not rent?

Several software houses offer you the option – including Interstudio  – we brought out our Rent-a-Cad formula five years ago.

Interstudio is proud to announce an even more flexible formula: Rent-to-Own, to reflect the very special nature of our rental formula which, year by year, accrues 50% of your rental payments against the purchase price.  You end up owner of the software and can continue updating it at very low cost.

Say you are interested in one of our programs – DomusCad, for example – let’s look at the figures:

Renting Buying
Purchase price CD Pack 999
Rental year 1* 299 Tech. Support + updates 150
Rental year 2* 299 Tech. Support + updates 150
Rental year 3* 299 Tech. Support + updates 150
TOTAL end year 3 897 TOTAL end year 3 1499
Purchase price CD Pack 999
Less 50% discount 897/2 – 449
Price payable 550
Total expense 1447 Total expense 1499

*includes free technical support and free updates (estimated annual value € 150)