Geo-Tec B

Geo-Tec B allows the verification of stratified slopes, dams, riverbanks, in the presence of water beds, loads, reinforced earth and piles.

Geo-Tec B allows the verification of stratified slopes in the presence of water beds and loads.

Work begins by inserting geotechnical parameters with Geo-Tec A or other methods. Following phases involve the definition of slope and strata geometry using the mouse. Circular or polygonal slide surfaces can be inserted and modified using the mouse. Geo-Tec B can automatically calculate a series of circles through an interpolation between two selected extreme circles.

Geo-Tec B calculates the safety coefficient for each surface using Janbu, Bishop and Fellenius methods and graphically identifies that having the lowest coefficient as the critical surface.

Strata dimensions are defined by the user but Geo-Tec B is able to perfect dimensions according to the theoretic foundations of the adopted method.

Geo-Tec B also allows an immediate verification for seismic zones using a pseudo-static method.

When using the Janbu calculation method, it is possible to apply an external force to the slope. This force is considered an increase in the resisting force (stabilizing) and not a decrease in the pushing (destabilizing) force.




Reinforced earth

Biggest novelty is its support of Reinforced Earth, i.e. slopes stabilized and reinforced with synthetic geo-grids. This is an increasingly popular technology, easy to apply, good technical results even in tricky cases – and a low environmental impact.


Diagrammi degli sforzi nel terreno e nelle geogriglie delle terre armate
Reinforced earth geogrid diagram


Immersed slopes

Another key addition is the accurate, incorporated function for dealing with immersed slopes, whether in static conditions or with simulated fast draining.


Pilings and retaining walls

Geo-tec B allows the user to insert pilings and retaining walls in the slope-



Diagrammi degli sforzi nel terreno in un pendio con due paratie di pali
Diagram with 2 retaining walls

graphic insertion of slope geometry
verification of cylindrical and polygonal slide surfaces
use of Janbu, Fellenius, and Bishop methods
applied horizontal forces when using Janbu method
insertion of circles by identifying three points or a center and radius
zone reinforced with geogrids and other materials
submersed slopes
graphic and numeric insertion of polygonal surfaces
automatic calculation and identification of the critical surface
supports Copy and Paste for transfer of graphics and texts to other programs.
graphic insertion of slope geometry.
color coded representation of circle grids
Importing of PICT,JPEG; TIFF, GIF and many others formats is supported

Eurocodes support

Variable loads: loads can be either permanent or variable. In video, these are shown as two trapezoidal diagrams on the ground profile: first, the permanent load then, above it, the variable one.
Vertical seismic coefficient: Geo-Tec B supports horizontal and vertical seismic actions.
Strata panel: The Strata Panel now contains the safety coefficient value of the critical surface.
Load situations: Geo-Tec B calculates different load situations and find the lower safety coefficient.

Geo-Tec B is for Macintosh and Windows.

Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Eight

Mac Os X 10.4.11, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10

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