How to use specular color and coefficient?

How to use specular color and coefficient? All materials have a diffuse color and a specular color, which can be different. If so, the color of the material changes depending on the position of the light. The specular coefficient changes the aspect of the material, giving it a more plastic or metallic appearance. With RayShade an…



How do you create new hatching or change the color of standard hatching ? The easiest way is to draw it on a layer and import the layer into the tile. Diagonal and bitmap hatching can be created inside the Fills window. Bitmap hatching takes on the same color as the element containing it, while…


How to use the scissors

How to use the scissors? Some general principles regarding the Scissors tool: – The Scissor applies only to the current element. For example, if the current active element is Segments, the scissors only cut segments. – You don’t have to select anything. The command is applied to all elements in the current layer and the current…


Transparency artefacts

If I make the white background transparent, part of the white elements of construction also become transparent…and you can see cloudy bits through certain parts of the building.
Can this be avoided?

In this case place a little white rectangle between the background and the rendered image.

Pictures scale and re-size

How to configure the photo to have it in scale when used?

I have a similar problem with a vehicle that I managed to download – can’t get it to scale…so it’s unusable!

You can select it and rescale with the Deformation command from the Process menu.

Deleting not selectable lines

I have some lines on my drawing that I just can’t cancel. Even if I choose “select all”, it’s impossible to select them. How can I eliminate these lines? Follow the steps below: – Select, pressing the Command key, the part of the drawing that is correct. – Cut it with the Cut command from the…

Metric Calculation problem

Why does the Metric Calculation command bring up a a blank page? You probably haven’t assigned a calculation mode to your elements. Select the elements and choose Calculation from the Parameters menu. For example, you can choose to calculate the volume of a Wall, or the surface area of one face, two faces, or all…

Grids, scale and measurement

I would like to know how to draw a grid and something about scale and measures in general. Double click on the Grid icon on the right of the working window. Set the grid values for X and Y directions. This is the active grid. If the icon is enabled (pressed), the mouse is attached…

Not filled polygons or rectangle

The Getting Started Example begins a roof with two rectangles, which are assigned a material but appear semi-transparent in the documentation. I cannot find a way to change the transparency of rectangles; they are not included in the PARAMETERS menu with other elements. Do you have patterned or hatched rectangles in plan? If this is…

Line Thickness

The Line Thickness Button seems to not work. Are you pressing the Line Thickness Button long enough? Like several other buttons, it has to be pressed for a short while before the menu of icons appears.  Or perhaps your monitor is not set for millions of colors – in this case, the sub-menu is not visible.…