Domus.Cad Pro 2.1 for Mac Os X. It contains the program, plug-ins, object libraries, Help guide with Manual, Getting Started manual, movies, examples and other support files.

If there are any problems downloading, please contact us by e-mail and we can arrange to have the materials sent in other ways.

Remember, you need a password to install the program. Interstudio will send it to the e-mail on the registration form. If you didn’t fill it before, do it now.

Domus.Cad Pro

Download Domus.Cad Pro 2.1 for Mac Os

MacOs 10.6 … 10.13


172 MB


For installing the program follow the steps below:

  • Download and double click on
  • The password to decompress the zip file was sent automatically to the email address in the registration form. If you didn’t register, go to registration form >
  • Double click on the decompressed disk image “DomusCad_2.1_Pro_Trial.dmg“.
  • Drag the Domus.Cad Pro 2.1 Folder from the mounted disk image to your Application folder or where you prefer into your hard disk.
  • Run the program. A dialog window displays the number of days before the end of the free trial period, click on the Continue button every time you run the program, it will run for 15 days.
  • If you need more time for evaluating the program, please, let us know.

ATTENTION! The program doesn’t run if started from the mounted disk image! Start the program from the installed folder.