DigiCad 3D 23

DigiCad 3D has been completely rewritten with advanced multiplatform software technologies. We invite you to download a trial version, using the program freely for 15 days.

To use the program an activation code is required, users already have it and it is not necessary to re-enter it. For the trial of the program, the request must be made through the download area and the instructions for the trial are sent automatically to the registered address.

DigiCad 3D is an excellent tool for dealing with images, drawings, photographs of building, regular or irregular surfaces and maps. It operates either directly on raster images or by digitization. It is used in aerial and architectural photogrammetry, cartography, and mapping, for which it offers powerful, easy-to-use and exclusive instruments. 


Download DigiCad 3D 23 for Windows

Contains DigiCad 3D 23.0  February, 22th, 2023

Windows Vista, 8 and latest


About 780 MB


Download DigiCad 3D 23  for MacOs

Contains DigiCad 3D 23  February, 22th, 2023

Mac Os  10.13 .and latest


About 820 MB

Version history

This section lists the news of the various versions

Version 10005 – 10.0.5

  • Measures and distances on polygons and lines.. Selecting a polygon or a line displays a series of information: distances for each side of the polygon and on the line, perimeter, area and length for the polygons:
    Measurements are displayed simultaneously on elements in the origin window and in the destination window.
    The destination window displays any measures that have been transformed according to the set attachment points.
  • Tool Tips. Many Tool Tips have been included to help both the interface elements and the drawings. The Tool Tip appears by remaining stationary for a few seconds above the relevant element. In the case of graphic elements, the Tool Tip identifies the element in the foreground. For example, if I have an image with a polygon on it, the Tool Tip will display “Polygon”.
  • When opening a file, the preview of DigiCad 3D documents and images has been changed with a better view of the details of the documents and the insertion of quick folders on the left.
  • Fixed bug: no longer tries to transform a selected element in the target window.
  • Error message if there are no items selected in the source window to be transformed into destination

Version 10004 – 10.0.4

  • Added the Transparent white command from the Transform->Images menu. The command applies to a selected image and creates a new image with white color parts made completely transparent. The new image is placed exactly above the original image and must be moved to see the result. This command is very useful to make transparent and stackable images of drawings and maps.
  • Import DWG-DXF of the z coordinate of the extremes of the lines. The imported lines can be modified moving the extremes as the lines drawn manually with the mouse.
  • Import DWG-DXF of tridimensional poly-lines with the z coordinate of the vertices
  • Export DWG-DXF of open polygons. In the previous version the polygons were exported always closed.
  • Export image export the comtent of the current page instead of the current scene. The elements of the scene outside the page frame are excluded.

Version 10

  • WIndows and MacOs multiplatform system
  • Splitting the window into the Source and Destination views
  • Advanced graphical interface with management through “handles”
  • Multiple origin layers with attachment points and meshes
  • DWG and DXF import and export with included images
  • Management of DWG and DXF imports in graphic containers that can be managed as blocks
  • Interactive management of layers, deformation and rotation of images and DWG and DXF groups
  • Undo – Redo without limits
  • Multi-document management
  • Creation of cutouts and transparencies of parts of images by drawing vector shapes
  • Automatic vectorization of images
  • Interactive management of the optical deformation of the photos
  • Multi-page print preview
  • Many import and export formats, including PDF
  • New manual within the program 

Installation instructions

Windows version installation

  • Double click on Install_DigiCad3D.exe
  • At the start of the program Enter enter the activation code sent by email. The computer must be connected to the Internet.

The installation generates a link to the program and a link to the program folder on the user’s desk.

The manual is accessible from within the program from the “Help” menu

Installation for Mac Os

  • Double click on the disk image DigiCad3D23.dmg
  • After the disc image window has opened, drag the DigiCad 3D folder into the Applications folder.
  • At the start of the program Enter enter the activation code sent by email. The computer must be connected to the Internet.
  • The times following the first, the program can be opened normally with a double click

The manual is accessible from within the program from the “Help” menu