This page is dedicated to all those who wish to contacts us to to come visit our site in Pistoia, Italy. It contains information on how to find us and where to go for more information on making your trip as pleasurable as possible.

How to reach us

TuscanyPistoia can be reached by car in four hours or less from over two thirds of Italy, making it easily accessible from the larger cities such as Rome or Milan and the major airports. It is located in north-central Tuscany, a region rich in artistic and natural beauty. Florence (in Italian, Firenze), Lucca, Prato, Pisa, Siena, the Chianti region, and other historic towns and villages rich tradition are all within a short distance. Wherever you find yourself in Tuscany it is possible to enjoy the wonderful local foods and wines…and there is plenty to enjoy! We therefore suggest including a visit to Interstudio in an extended weekend!La sede della società Interstudio S.r.l. è in Toscana, nella città di Pistoia, in Piazza Monteoliveto 6a.

Pistoia is reached:

in three hours from the airport in Rome, 311km

in three hours from the airport in Milan, 295km

in fourty minutes from the airport in Pisa, 61km

in twenty minutes from the airport in Florence, 36km

By train:

  • Pistoia lies on the Florence – Lucca – Viareggio line. Trains run from Florence at least once an hour. Get off at the Pistoia station (30 – 40 minutes from Florence).
  • As an alternative to a taxi, Interstudio can be reached easily by foot in about 10 minutes. Exit the station and follow Via XX Settembre to Via A. Vannucci then turn on left off Corso Gramsci until Manzoni theater, turn left off Via della Vigna. At the end of Via della Vigna there is Piazza Monteoliveto.
  • It’s also possible to take one of the buses from the station. Check the map at the station to check which number. Get off at the stop on Corso Gramsci. Manzoni theater.

By Car:

  • Exit Autostrada 11 (the hiway) which runs from Florence to the sea at the Pistoia exit.
  • Follow the exit to the left and enter the ring roads encircling the city.
  • At the first indication for the city center (Centro) exit the ring road and turn in toward the center. Pass the first stoplight and follow Via Macallè to the piazza at Porta Lucchese. A series of one-way streets leads you counterclockwise around the old city walls (first on Via di Porta Lucchese, then on Via Sacconi). Turn right on Viale Petrocchi. Turn right on Via Bindi. At the end of Via Bindi there is Piazza Monteoliveto.

By Air:

  • There are two international airports in Tuscany – Pisa and Florence.
  • From the Florence airport it is possible to take a taxi to Pistoia (about 25km, 15 minutes), or a city bus to the Florence station and a train for Pistoia.
  • There are convenient trains that run directly from the Pisa airport to the Florence station, passing through Lucca and Pistoia. A taxi is less convenient (and less economical) in this case as it takes about 40 minutes to reach Pistoia.
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