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Last update November 2006

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 Rent-To-Own CAD

The best of both world!


I write this article seated on a chair which was made some forty years ago.  The chair is still perfectly functional and I have had no reason to change it.

The same goes for my desk – and for many other items in this room...

The same is NOT true for my computer – a Macintosh PowerBook just three months old.  The first-ever computer I owned has been on a shelf in the cellar for a long time.  Since it, I’ve had a new computer at least every two years.

Not to mention the software! In the beginning there was Word Star and Apple Writer.  A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then!  With the advent of Macintosh, came Mac Write.  Then along came Microsoft Word 1.0, then 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and so on,up to the current version of Microsoft Office. 

How much have I spent over the years on software?  Much, much more than the cost of the latest version!  Think of the vast amounts spent, for example, by someone who purchased AutoCAD 1.0 and has since updated it constantly over the years.

It all goes to show that it’s a big mistake to count the purchase price only of your software, when it’s the updates that really cost money.  Any company or professional studio will tell you that nowadays the annual amount spent on program updates far exceeds expenditure on software.

Which brings me to my point. Why buy software when you have to spend large sums on updating it?  Why not rent?

Several software houses offer you the option – including Interstudio  - we brought out our Rent-a-Cad formula five years ago.

Now Interstudio is proud to announce an even more flexible formula : Rent-a-Cad has changed its name to Rent-to-Own, to reflect the very special nature of our rental formula which, year by year, accrues 50% of your rental payments against the purchase price.  You end up owner of the software and can continue updating it at very low cost.

See below, for the main features of the Rent-to-Own formula.



A revolutionary way to buy your sofwtare


Interstudio’s Rent-to-Own formula combines the best features of rental and purchase, enabling you to buy your software in instalments, while taking advantage of our full technical assistance and support, plus our free updates.

Simply pay your annual rental fee and, at the end of each year, decide whether to :

·    Carry on renting
·    End the rental
·    Purchase

If you opt to buy, 50% of total rent paid is discounted from the purchase price.

Say you are interested in one of our programs – DomusCad, for example - let’s look at the figures:





Purchase price CD Pack


Rental year 1*


Tech. Support + updates


Rental year 2*


Tech. Support + updates


Rental year 3*


Tech. Support + updates


TOTAL end year 3


TOTAL end year 3






Purchase price CD Pack




Less 50% discount 897/2

- 449



Price payable








Total expense


Total expense


*includes free technical support and free updates (estimated annual value € 150)

Here are the main advantages of the Rent-to-Own formula :

  • It’s for professionals. It’s all-inclusive of technical support and updates, no hidden extras
  • Allows you to divide the cost over several years
  • Allows you to start right away, with the complete program, while maximizing your budget allowance
  • Permits you to evaluate the program over time, before deciding to purchase
  • Keeps us on our toes! If we don’t constantly improve our programs in accordance with customer requirements, no one will buy!

For full details of costs of Rent-to-Own and promotional offers, see the Euro Price List page or the US$ Price List Page


 Geo-Tec B 6.0

Latest developments in slope stability


Geo-Tec B, the program for verifying and stabilizing slopes, has reached version 6.0.

New features include :

  • Mac Os X : Geo-Tec B now totally supports the Mac Os X operating system, as well as Mac Os 9, Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP.
  • Strata panel: contains all strata characteristics, can be updated interactively, can be positioned anywhere on the worksheet.
  • Graphic formats: image can now be imported in a very wide range of formats – TIF, JPG, GIF, TGA, PNG, among many others
  • Strata description: the automatic description of the strata can be treated just like ordinary text, thus giving complete control over its style and position
  • Block/unblock images: background images can be blocked, to avoid modifying or canceling
  • Editing outlines of reinforced earth these can now be handled and modified interactively, just like the strata polygons or surfaces.

These are just a few of the exciting new features of Geo-Tec B – the program for checking and analyzing slopes, with tools for stabilizing, like pilings and reinforced earth.

 Magazine review

DigiCad 3D - a very interesting article


Applicando’ is the Italian journal about everything happening in the world of Apple.  For over twenty years, it has followed with interest news from the graphic and architectural front.

In the September 2004 issue, there was a very comprehensive (and complimentary) article by Carlo Magri on DigiCad 3D 8.

Mr. Magri is a big fan of DigiCad, as the following excerpts show :

“Thanks to (Digi.Cad’s) sophisticated tools, you can now eliminate perspective deformation from a photo and measure the façade of a building with extreme precision, with just a few clicks of the mouse.”

“Digi.Cad 3D allows you to unite juxtaposed or superimposed images, exploiting the possibilities of the Transparency function and of Straightening Up of images.”

“…Digi.Cad 3D has shown itself capable, over time, of evolving in the right direction, to become a program which is an absolute ‘must-have’ for everyone who works in photogrammetry, architecture, etc.”

“It’s simplicity and creative potential make it ideal for creating textures without deformation for 3D models.”

“Digi.Cad 3D is a stable and reliable program.  The impeccable service support and excellent technical assistance offered by Interstudio should noted as added value and guarantee to anyone considering investing in this tool.”

 Paperless printing

Catching on at last!


Since our article entitled ‘Paperless printing’,  the use of .pdf format has spread like wildfire!  However, not everyone uses .pdf to best advantage.  Some users are still going down to the printing services with a DWG file, plus handwritten notes, full of instructions!

The following is an update on this format, including some information on available programs and utilities.

Adobe Acrobat

.pdf format was invented by Adobe, so we cannot go without mentioning their Acrobat and Acrobat Reader.

Acrobat Reader is Adobe’s free software which allows anyone to view and print in .pdf format.  However, this program’s ‘big brother’ (which you pay for) is also extremely useful and allows you to create .pdf files, modify existing ones, add indices, summaries, notes, data sheets / spread sheets(?), create JavaScript programs and much more…

For more information, visit :

Following after Adobe, here are some other programs for Windows and Macintosh.


PDF Creator:  allows you to produce documents in  pdf, png, jpg, btm, pcx, ps, esps and other formats, from all programs which support Windows print drivers.  Contains Ghostscript.


Cute Pdf Writer (free):  Allows you to produce pdf documents. Requires Ghostscript.

see :

Primo Pdf (free): Driver for printing in .pdf format from all standard Windows programs.

see :

Verypdf ( offers a whole series of programs for .pdf printing, conversion to other formats and editing of .pdf documents.


MacOs X users are very fortunate, because .pdf format is handled directly by the operating system and all programs can save printouts in .pdf format.

.pdf format is handled directly by QuickTime which means that the many programs compatible with QuickTime – and that includes all ours at Interstudio – can import documents in .pdf.

But there’s more…  Apple also has Preview, a program which reads documents directly in .pdf and has several advantages over Acrobat Reader – like its start-up speed and its compatibility with numerous other graphic formats.

Who could ask for more, you say?  Well, that depends!  If you need highly professional results, top quality printing and compression, the possibility of deactivating the printout or the copy, or inserting forms to be filled in, then you can do no better that the complete version of the Acrobat program.

There are other programs on offer, which operate with .pdf documents, such as :

Cocoa Booklet (free): Well worth a look, this very interesting program enables you to create perfect booklets, with pages printed both sides, by simply folding the pages and stapling them together.  Fast and impeccable results – even better if your printer does double-sided printing.

Visit :

PDF Labs (free): enables you to join and divide .pdf documents, insert pages, images, etc.

See :

And for those of you who still have Mac Os 9?

PrintToPdf is the shareware answer for .pdf printing.

See :



They did it with Interstudio


Architect  Umberto Puccinelli uses lots of Interstudio software for design, architecture and photogrammetry.  We were particularly fascinated by his architectural photogrammetry in work done on historic Tuscan villas. 

You can see some examples on :

More of his work on : 

Graphic design studio emme-erre uses Domus.Cad, Art*lantis . plus other well-known graphic design  programs, such as Photoshop  and Illustrator,  to create images and real-time movies, for publicity and promotional use.
Just 3 months after purchasing Domus.Cad, they had already done a great amount of quality creative work and were being consulted by surveyors, builders and real estate operators. 

See their work on :

Other users galleries:

Progettazione urbana 1
Vista 3D Capecchi

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