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    Using Domus.Cad with two monitors

    We recommend using Domus.Cad with two monitors. This renders its use as a total design tool even more powerful and impressive. Using a 20" monitor for the plan and another 20" for the 3D view works best and is a less expensive and more convenient solution than one 24" monitor. We use this combination when presenting Domus.Cad at the expos and the response is always positive. All the current graphic cards support 2 monitors.

    Domus.Cad FAQs

    Questions regarding the use of the 3D View

    Why does a light inserted in one room illuminate the adjacent rooms as well?

    Shadows are not an available option for Interactive rendering, therefore the elements themselves (such as walls and floor slabs) are merely shaded according to their relationship to the light source and do not have the ability to cast shadows on other objects, making it seem as if the light passes through them. It is not possible, for example, to create a completely dark room, even if it has no doors or windows.

    What purpose does ambient light serve?

    Ambient light's primary purpose is to lighten the shaded areas. Without ambient light, all shaded areas would be completely black. A lack of ambient light creates a greatly contrasting image, while a predominance of ambient light creates an image with little contrast. Another purpose is to create a certain atmosphere by changing the ambient light's color.

    How do you print the 3D view?

    The easiest way is to transfer the view to an unused layer and page it using the normal DomusCad procedure, after which it can be printed.

    Is it possible to make a QuickTime film from the 3D view?

    It is not possible to make a QuickTime film from inside Domus.Cad, but it can be done using other programs, such as Snapz Pro. it is possible to film everything from the 3D View window.

    DXF/DWG Import/Export

    Is it possible to import a DXF/DWG document composed of various layers?

    Yes. Choose Import DWG/DXF File from the File menu. The file will be imported with all the original layers structure and the paper space if present.

    If you choose the Import DXF/DWG to a Layer command and designate the desired destination layer in the recalled dialog box, the entire DXF/DWG document will be imported to the designated layer. The original layer information isn't lost, the name of the original layer is in the AREF code field of every element.

    Is it possible to import a three-dimensional DXF document to Domus.Cad?

    It is possible if the document is formed by three-dimensional polylines (DXF POLYLINE elements), facets (DXF 3DFACET elements) and polymeshes.


    Is it possible to plot Bitmap fills with Domus.Cad?


    Is it possible to plot Bitmap images obtained in the 3D View?

    Yes. Page the view and it may then be plotted.

    Door Symbols

    The door symbol in the tools palette is shown with the "door swing" drawn in, so users are encouraged to think that a door will be drawn like this. But the plan view of a door does not show a door swing. Is it possible to show the door swing rather than the current door symbol or draw my own symbol which would appear for the plan view of a door?

    The visualization of the symbols can be disactivated and the user can create an object with the desired symbol to insert in the openings manually or automatically with the Apply Object command or with the Add Frame button in the door/window dialog window.

    Other FAQs

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